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msi Global Talent Mobility is a division of msi Global Talent Solutions and the leading provider of relocation services to organizations worldwide. msi has a diverse portfolio of services designed to help organizations effectively and strategically meet their relocation needs. msi is a leading provider of domestic relocation and international assignment management solutions to corporations worldwide.

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Consulting and Advisory Services

msi provides a full range of strategic services as well as professional consulting and advisory services to meet your business goals, and provides strategic advice on policies, programs, and staffing.

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Our capabilities include a complete menu of managed services. msi works closely with corporations to develop policies and processes that meet their specific employee relocation and deployment needs.

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msi is a leading provider of global mobility and international assignment management services, with service fulfillment capabilities in more than 190 countries.

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Expense + Tax

As experts in global tax and compensation, msi implements processes with greater efficiencies, improved compliance, and reduced administrative costs.

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msi maintains a specialty practice in Group Move Management. The unique nature of group moves requires specialized experience in group move planning, budgeting, and implementation.

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msi works closely with its valued supply chain partners to develop region and country-specific capabilities and pricing to ensure that we meet the local requirements and expectations of our client contacts and local program managers.

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Strategic Services

msi believes that that transactional relocation services are only part of the overall mix, and that our strategic services provide provide clients with a critical suite of offerings to help better integrate your mobility program into the broader talent strategy of the organization.

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In addition to providing highly measurable cost and service benefits to our global mobility clients, we act as trusted advisors, providing ongoing strategic direction and guidance based on the changing talent requirements of their business.

The following case studies are examples of ways in which msi Global Talent Mobility brings extraordinary value to its clients.

Goal: Expediting a New Client Implementation


Client had no clearly defined policies or stakeholder consensus

Story: To address the lack of clearly defined policies, msi guided, defined, and documented new policy development. Our implementation team mapped tasks and responsibilities for internal and external stakeholders and managed…
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Goal: Reducing HHG Spend


Lack of innovation in Household Goods (HHG) program and minimal cost savings

Story: A client in the education sector wanted to minimize its overall household goods spend. To help the client accomplish this, msi recommended the use of its Discard and Donate program…
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msi is committed to continuous process and performance improvement. Our robust quality assurance program supports our customer service functions by taking a 360° approach to measuring the ongoing quality and performance of msi‘s employees and suppliers. This approach also enables us to determine the satisfaction level of our clients and their transferring employees.


As experts in employee compliance and risk management, we help organiz-ations implement travel policies and programs, driven by innovative technologies and methodologies.

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msi’s global reach and expertise assists organizations with their short and long term HR administration, payroll, accounting, and legal services in foreign locations during their global expansion process.

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Companies depend on us to provide end-to-end solutions for keeping their employees and their families compliant, regardless of where they travel or work around the world.

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