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MSI Global Talent Mobility

mobilizing your key talent worldwide - estimate your cost + tax implications real-time when deploying talent globally - call +1 (603) 274 9100 today

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My Globepointe ®

The Global Talent Mobility Company®

MSI Global Talent Mobility is a division of MSI Global Talent Solutions and the leading provider of relocation services to organizations worldwide. MSI has a diverse portfolio of services designed to help organizations effectively and strategically meet their relocation needs. MSI is a leading provider of domestic relocation and international assignment management solutions to corporations worldwide, assisting organizations to move their employees where they need to be; all while helping them to achieve their strategic business objectives.

We provide a full spectrum of services designed to support employees (and their families) throughout the relocation life cycle. From policy benchmarking, program design and implementation, cost management, lump sum program development, mergers and acquisition planning to program compliance, MSI is your one stop resource for worldwide relocation.

“This is a great time of the year to say what we are all thankful for. I am thankful for Barbara and her staff. We are not an easy customer. Every time I come with a weird request, Barbara greets it with a smile and a solution. She and her staff are the perfect example of customer service. When someone is not happy they bend over backwards to make everything right. They never argue the point, even when it is clear nothing they could have done could have foreseen a situation. They smile and make it right. Barbara and her staff make my life easier. I am thankful that I have the pleasure to work with these first class professionals.” — HR Director, Global Telecom

Winner: HRO Today Magazine’s “Baker’s Dozen Award: Relocation”

Winner: Re:locate Magazine’s “Best Relocation Management Company”

Winner: Forum for Expatriate Management: “EMMA Awards” – Americas & EMEA


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