A New Approach to Global Talent Development: Overcoming Immunity to Change

Published on 20/05/2015

Summary: Talent Development – Among the many challenges faced by global organizations today are these two: managing the complexity of the global business environment and developing the talent to deal successfully with this complexity. Success depends on managing across cultures, where national differences that go far beyond language include values, norms, and practices that drive organization behavior.

This pre-recorded webinar makes the case for the primacy of talent in “the human age” where talentism is the new capitalism. You will hear and see for the first time an emerging new approach to global talent development. This approach includes both a “horizontal” component (intercultural competency) and a “vertical” approach (guided self -development in overcoming immunity to behavioral changes in achieving competency goals).

Panelist(s) Info: Michael Tucker, President of Tucker International and a part of msi Faculty

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