International Tax Concepts for Global Mobility Professionals – How To Identify and Manage Risk

Published on 22/04/2014

Summary: This webinar presented international tax concepts from the HR perspective. The objective was to provide knowledge to help identify situations that may expose the company to tax issues in countries where employees are traveling and working. Business needs sometimes require employees be deployed outside their home country on short notice and too often the HR and tax teams are not able to plan ahead of time. The result may be an unintended risk to the company of additional corporate tax. Concepts that were explored:

  • Permanent Establishment (“PE”)
  • Activities that give rise to a PE
  • Transfer pricing and employees
  • Income Tax treaty benefits – common misunderstandings
  • Unique challenges of frequent travelers and “stealth” expatriates
  • Picking up the pieces – remediation can be painful

Panelist(s) Info: Walt White, International Tax Partner, Grant Thornton and Linette Barclay, Global Mobility Services Managing Director, Grant Thornton

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