GEO: Gateway to Rapid Global Expansion

Published on 24/04/2015

Summary: What happens when you need to send an employee on assignment into a country where your company has no established entity?  How do you accomplish this while meeting all statutory requirements?  How will you pay them and continue their benefits?  The solution is GEO!

In this pre-recorded session, learn how a Global Employer Organization (GEO) provides you with the capability to immediately support global expansion efforts with fast and efficient employee deployment in lieu of or prior to establishing an in-country entity.

Tim Burgess shared best practices and key learnings from his years of experience helping companies deploy staff around the world. He defined the scope of a GEO program including immigration, payroll, taxation and benefits and demonstrated the value of GEO for your global expansion plans

Panelist(s) Info: Tim Burgess, GEO Lead, msi Global Business Solutions

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