Summary: Dual Careers and Mobility: Creating Competitive Advantage. Dual career management is critical for global organizations today as they focus on attracting, developing and retaining the talent they need to compete today and meet the challenges of tomorrow.   Recent surveys concur that talent mobility through strategic international assignments will increase over the next several years, as companies need to support their business objectives and develop global leaders.

At the same time, the willingness to accept an assignment as well as the success of the assignment are greatly impacted by the employee’s partner, who likely has goals and a career path of their own. Companies that truly understand these challenges and provide creative solutions that satisfy the needs and objectives of both partners will clearly gain the edge. This webinar explored first- hand the real challenges expatriate partners face and review some innovative ways companies are addressing this obstacle head on.

Panelist(s) Info: Lorraine Bello, President/CEO, Ricklin-Eichikson Associates  and Dan Bolger, VP of Business Development, Ricklin-Eichikson Associates

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