The Dis-United States of America: Managing the Intra-National Cultural Differences of Work and Life in the USA

Published on 30/06/2015

Summary: Cultural Differences – Mastering the complicated cultural differences that exist in large complicated countries, like the USA, is a skill that international assignees need to master.  In a global world, INTRA-national differences are as important a consideration as INTER-national differences, and managing different work and lifestyles based on geography (north/south/east/west), rural/urban, male/female, older/younger, etc. is essential to a successful international assignment.  This pre-recorded webinar explored the unique INTRA-cultural challenges faced by relocating employees in the U.S., and the ‘best practices’ for managing these for success.

Panelist(s) Info: Dean Foster, President & Founder, DFA Intercultural Global Solutions

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