Summary: Cross Border Compliance – Each year tax and immigration laws increase in scope and complexity.  Immigration status can directly impact tax filing requirements yet the terminology used in each area can have vastly different meanings and implications. When immigration and tax laws converge a gray area is created between the two that is filled with administrative complexities and uncertainty.

The complexities, intricacies and inconsistencies of immigration and tax rules that must be identified and understood far outweigh the guidance currently available today in order to comply with the law.  Couple this with more interaction between immigration and tax regimes across borders, it becomes difficult, if not impossible for corporations to plan effective, compliant programs that will not undergo extensive scrutiny from government agencies.

In this pre-recorded session, we helped you identify the roadblocks, firewalls and other obstacles corporations must overcome in order to stay compliant in the ever increasing integration of these two areas.

Presenter(s) Info:

  • Josh Jagust, Manager, Global Mobility Services for Grant Thornton LLP

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