Building Effective Cross-Border Teams

Published on 21/01/2015

Summary: Building Effective Cross-Border Teams -Every global company’s competitive advantage depends on its ability to coordinate critical resources and information that are spread across different geographical locations.

It is virtually impossible for multinational corporations to maximize knowledge transfer or cultivate a global mind-set without understanding and mastering the management of global business Cross-Border teams. That, however, is easier said than done.

Members of global Cross-Border teams come from diverse cultures and as a result bring different values, norms, assumptions and patterns of behavior to the group. To lead successfully across borders and cultures, it is imperative to understand differences in cultural values, and their influences on everyday business practices.

In this pre-recorded session, through a case study, you will learn the common pitfalls and best practice strategies for managing effective global teams:

  • strategies for the effective management of multicultural teams in a virtual environment
  • awareness of cultural assumptions and behaviors that impact business interactions across borders
  • awareness of important cross-border business and social protocols
  • focus on the dynamics of intercultural communication
  • strategies for bridging cultural differences
  • adaption of communication and work styles for enhanced effectiveness and productivity

Panelist(s) Info: Cecilia Franchi, GMS, Director of Global Consulting at msi and Marcelo Ribeiro, Partner at Global Line

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