All is Not Lost: Getting Positive Outcomes in the World’s Toughest School Markets

Published on 14/05/2014

Summary: Moving an expatriate with school-age children is always a challenge. But when the family is going to a location where available seats in appropriate schools are extremely limited, the schooling issue suddenly becomes a make or break for the assignment. While strong-arming admissions teams or “trying to buy your way in” may seem appealing to desperate mobility managers, these techniques can backfire and cause long-term harm to the organization’s prospects with future assignees’ children. Learn some of the location-specific techniques used successfully to get positive results in very challenging conditions. Discussion included excerpts from first in-depth benchmarking survey, “Mobility and Education: Corporate Policy and Practices.”

Panelist(s) Info: Timothy Dwyer, CEO and Alexandra Ruttenberg, Deputy Director of Research and Education Services for School Choice International

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