UK Destination Services

msi’s UK Destination Services company provides a complete one-stop solution for all of your relocation requirements in the United Kingdom (UK). With an experienced team of international multi-lingual consultants, msi works with your employee (and their family) to successfully integrate them into their new community and the culture of the UK.

From a well-planned orientation, house hunting trip, school search, settling-in and beyond, msi’s relocation professionals will be there to support your employees and their families through every detail of their transition, lifestyle assimilation and departure when it is time to repatriate.

To enquire about destination services, please contact MSI on +44 (0) 207 427 1904

Area orientation and home finding

The area orientation and home finding takes place in the host city and is conducted by MSI’s destination consultant. MSI’s destination consultant conducts an inspection of properties based on authorised number of days and other pre-determined criteria. This enables the assignee to select and finalize suitable housing expeditiously while remaining in compliance with company policy and budgetary parameters. MSI facilitates lease negotiations, guidance on local housing practices, deposits, and document requirements for lease finalization.

Settling in

MSI’s destination consultant guides the assignee through the rigors of setting up local daily lifestyle needs in the host country. Services included as part of Settling-in are wide ranging and varied, depending on the host location, including move-in assistance, furniture hire/purchase, utility hook-up, medical facilities, childcare facilities, shopping areas and much more.

School search

msi’s school search consultant schedules school visits to tour the facilities and meet with school administrators and provides a comprehensive overview of the general admissions and registration process, waiting lists procedures, and admissions testing. msi will also identify local resources for tutoring and special needs education. We arrange for testing, as required, and conduct all appropriate follow up to ensure a smooth educational transition for each child.

Cultural training

msi coordinates and manages the training for host country cultural acquisition. Optional training methodologies for understanding cultural protocols and general “do’s and don’ts” of the host country include one- or two-day programs facilitated by a professional trainer, who will customize the program to the assignee’s specific needs. Programs focus on “Doing Business In and “Living in the host country. They also include youth and family programs as well as adult/couples training.

Coordination of household goods

MSI manages the survey, estimates, packing, and loading of household goods and personal effects that are being transported from the home country, and the delivery of these goods in the host country. The assignee will have a pre-move consultation with his or her moving consultant to define the requirements needed to ship the goods within the time constraints of the move. The moving consultant will provide a complete documentation package that includes customs, billing, claims, and inventory forms, and will advise on timeline and customs requirements.