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MSI Talent Consulting is made up of  experts in each of the critical facets of talent management.

Working with leadership, we help build competitive and sustainable talent strategies through the assessment, development, and acquisition of the key talent required to fulfill the corporate mission.

Talent Consulting

Our consultants work closely with key business leaders to develop a clear understanding of the near and longer term corporate mission and the supporting business initiatives required to ensure success.

MSI’s collaborative discovery process is designed to gain an objective assessment of a client’s human capital requirements; we then help build a strategy for developing or obtaining the right talent to meet the stated goal.

Talent and Workforce Planning

Our experts work closely with your organization’s talent management and HR teams to develop role profiling, competency modeling, and performance measurement criteria; these then become the foundation for effective talent management.

To help our clients achieve corporate success, our programs and methodologies are designed to ensure that they have the right people in the right jobs performing to the right levels.

Talent Assessment

MSI leverages a number of proven talent assessment tools and methodologies, depending on the scope and scale of an employee’s position and the stated objectives for the role or assignment. Our tools are utilized in the following areas:

  • Executive competency assessment
  • Leadership knowledge and skills assessment
  • Leadership adaptability assessment
  • Global adaptability assessment
  • Team effectiveness assessment
  • Project skills assessment

Talent Development

Given the extraordinary competition for skilled talent, organizations are increasingly focusing on talent development through customized coaching and specialized learning programs.

Our consultants work with talent leadership to design and implement projects and initiatives that support the corporate mission as well as learning and development tracks for employees that have been identified as critical to key functions.

Talent development and learning programs focus on:

  • Leadership skills development
  • Coaching skills development
  • Communications skills development
  • Project leadership skills development
  • Global adaptability and cultural training
  • Foreign language training

Talent Resourcing

MSI provides talent resourcing advisory and fulfillment services to help companies meet staff fulfillment objectives as effectively as possible, taking into consideration roles and skills requirements and internal recruitment capabilities. Our talent resourcing capabilities include:

  • Talent resourcing advisory services
  • Talent acquisition strategy development
  • Executive search
  • Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)
  • Retained search
  • Professional staff augmentation
  • Employment branding



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