Improve HR’s ability to support global assignees


Lack of HR competencies and/or effective programs and policies


Global talent management attempts to improve HR’s ability to support employees on international assignments is often hindered by a lack of understanding regarding their current program’s effectiveness. We’ve helped other talent management leaders learn techniques for greater effectiveness.

A mid-market global company was having challenges with on-boarding employees into new international assignments. Although they’d directed the employees to a cultural assimilation website, it wasn’t clear whether this provided what was needed to quickly assimilate and become productive.

Two of the company’s HR team members then attended an msi Talent Management workshop on accelerating global assignment success. This provided tools, information, and resources specifically geared to helping assignees quickly assimilate and become productive.


Based on what they’d learned in the workshop, HR created a new assignee on-boarding process. They reported increased satisfaction with employee training as well as increased early assignment productivity.