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companies optimize, streamline, and unify with msi.

About us

msi Talent Consulting is a human capital strategy development and solutions company. We offer a complete array of end-to-end talent & HR services. Working with companies around the world, we help them build competitive talent strategies that enable them to achieve their strategic business goals.

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Talent Consulting

HR Transformation – Our consultants work closely with key business leaders to develop a clear understanding of the near and longer term corporate mission and the supporting business initiatives required to ensure success.

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Talent Acquisition

Today, it’s more important than ever for companies to have strategies in place to fill key roles within their organizations. Most employers are aware that talent is no longer available on demand, and that talent acquisition strategies require a forward-thinking approach.

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Talent Management

Talent Management – Given the extraordinary competition for skilled talent, organizations are increasingly focused on talent development through customized coaching and specialized learning programs.

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Talent Resourcing

msi provides talent resourcing advisory and fulfillment services to help companies meet staff fulfillment objectives as effectively as possible, taking into consideration roles and skills requirements and internal recruitment capabilities.

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Talent and HR Systems

HRIS – Understanding your specific business needs and exactly how your new Talent and HR System will integrate with your current processes is often the most critical stage of changing your technology.

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In addition to providing highly measurable cost and service benefits to our global mobility clients, we act as trusted advisors, providing ongoing strategic direction and guidance based on the changing talent requirements of their business.

The following case studies are examples of ways in which msi Global Talent Consulting brings extraordinary value to its clients.

Goal: Improve HR’s ability to support global assignees


Lack of HR competencies and/or effective programs and policies

Story: Global talent management attempts to improve HR’s ability to support employees on international assignments is often hindered by a lack of understanding regarding their current program’s effectiveness. We’ve helped other…
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Goal: Expand into emerging markets to increase sales


Executive team’s level of international & cross-cultural leadership expertise

Story: Global talent management attempts to develop global leadership capabilities are often hindered by a lack of understanding regarding current abilities and areas of weakness. We’ve helped other talent management leaders…
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