Travel visa


Biometrics means that employees traveling on the wrong visa now more likely to be caught

Biometrics puts the spotlight on global business travel compliance. Most companies know that any employee sent to work in a foreign...


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Second U.S. passport can help simplify business travel

Although the U.S. Bureau of Consular affairs generally prohibits Americans from holding a second passport, there are exceptions to the rule,...


What to do if your employee’s visa expires

Although employers should never let an employee visa expire when they’re in other countries on the employer’s behalf, it does happen....


Trump policies and corporate immigration – what companies can do now

During the Trump campaign, immigration issues figured prominently, with much said that could impact American companies. This included withdrawing from or renegotiating NAFTA


Global Tax, Immigration, and Employment: How Companies Can Stay Compliant

Employment Non-compliance: All host country employers are obligated to comply with domestic labor laws for both local and expat employees.


If the Schengen Area fails, what will it mean for EU workers?

What would the suspension of the Schengen Area's free-travel zone mean for legal workers traveling between states?


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When you prepare for global relocation, make sure you consider all health requirements.