4 tips for expats on their first time abroad

4 tips for expats on their first time abroad - tips that will help you land on your feet when going on assignment abroad


Expats in the US Reveal Their Biggest Relocation Challenges

In The Expat Review Vol. 1, Expats living in the United States for an average of eight months were surveyed and each shared what their biggest relocation challenge. The three most commonly named challenges were as follows:


Expanding operations: 3 things you can learn from famous global leaders

Expanding operations - globalizing a business takes drive, determination and bold leadership skills. Half measures don't cut it when it comes to generating profits, building customer loyalty or fostering in-house talent.

Facts and Stats about Expatriates Living in the United States

The Expat Review, published by International AutoSource, gives insight into the Expatriate population in the United States with newly published statistics...

Change in Greece Medical Certificate Requirements

Greek Medical Certificate – According to a circular from the Greek Ministry of the Interior, a medical certificate obtained abroad is...

Three Expatriate Compensation Approaches

Expatriate Compensation – A good compensation package is one that is considered fair by an expatriate, but it must also be...

What are Localization, Local, and Local-Plus Assignment Packages?

Localization Packages – As organizations continue to expand their global presence, there is still a need to export corporate culture as...