MSI and Move for Hunger Announce Collaborative Effort to Help Feed Families in Need

MSI has partnered with Move for Hunger to help fight hunger and provide much-needed assistance to food banks across the United...


Trump policies and corporate immigration – what companies can do now

During the Trump campaign, immigration issues figured prominently, with much said that could impact American companies. This included withdrawing from or renegotiating NAFTA


Non-Compete Clauses – Are They Worth It?

To protect their business interests and prevent employees from working for competitors, some companies place restrictive covenants – non-compete clauses —...


Non-Compete Clauses – A Waste of Time or Worth the Effort?

Non-Compete Clauses – A Waste of Time or Worth the Effort? Some companies believe they’re needed. In such instances, it’s important to consider the factors that can impact their validity. These include:


Will relocation of your business make your employees happier?

Relocation - When you move your business to another country, there are many factors to consider. From tax laws to cultural understandings

A Tale of Two Cities: How to deal with regional differences in the same country

International reassignment is the only kind that can cause culture shock - moving to a new region within the same country can also be stressful.

Relocation – Local credit & car buying

The relocation process can be very overwhelming, as there are many different variables to consider. A recent study indicates that car-buying...

70% of International Assignees Break Their Car Lease Early

Typically 70% of expat customers break their lease early – either because they are returning / moving earlier than expected or...

Neighbors with Borders: Global Mindset is Key for Successful Relocation

Global Mindset – National Geographic’s research estimates that 75% of Canadians live within 160 km of the US border. Thus, it...