Focus on Family Increases Assignment Effectiveness

International assignments are often highly complex, and few are without their challenges. Of these, as numerous studies have shown, family issues are often the most significant, and the primary reason for an assignment’s failure -- or refusal to accept it in the first place.


Expats in the US Reveal Their Biggest Relocation Challenges

In The Expat Review Vol. 1, Expats living in the United States for an average of eight months were surveyed and each shared what their biggest relocation challenge. The three most commonly named challenges were as follows:

How to navigate culture shock

There are several keys to beating culture shock while preparing for an international assignment.

Facts and Stats about Expatriates Living in the United States

The Expat Review, published by International AutoSource, gives insight into the Expatriate population in the United States with newly published statistics...

Relocation: Partners in Transition- Important Considerations

Despite economic concerns, corporations remain focused on expanding their global footprint by building business in new markets. Toward this goal, global...