Barrier: Executive team’s level of international & cross-cultural leadership expertise

Story: Global talent management attempts to develop global leadership capabilities are often hindered by a lack of understanding regarding current abilities and areas of weakness. We’ve helped other talent management leaders utilize tools to accurately assess these.

A large multinational wanted to expand into emerging markets. First, however, the company’s CEO needed to determine if his executive team was up to the task. Did they have the necessary global leadership expertise?

msi’s talent management team was engaged to assess this and to provide any training needed. Using specialized evaluation tools, we began by determining whether each team member had the knowledge, skills, and cross-cultural aptitude required to manage effectively in diverse environments.

The assessments indicated that they did not and that all team members needed training to better understand and negotiate with those from other cultures.

Result: The company was far better equipped to enter new markets. It also decided that any future leaders would also undergo the assessment and training process.