Barrier: Unclear on reasons for weak sales and low employee retention

Story: Global talent management attempts to effectively measure and manage performance are often hindered by inefficient processes. We’ve helped other Talent Management leaders develop and implement processes that have enabled them to measure and manage more effectively.

A financial services company had weak sales and high turnover, but wasn’t clear on the factors behind this. It therefore engaged msi’s talent management team for assistance.

We administered a survey designed to provide an exact process map of workflow connections between the company’s employees. This showed both human bottlenecks as well as areas of concentrated energy flow.

Result: Based on this knowledge, the company was able to reinvent processes and redesign their organization chart for maximum results. They took steps to improve communications and knowledge sharing between departments by creating a company intranet and holding joint workshops. They also reallocated responsibilities to expedite processes and decision making. This led to an immediate improvement in sales and employee retention and engagement.