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SIRT – Strategic Insights Roundtable

Strategic Planning “SIRT” Value Proposition: MSI will facilitate and apply principles that will accelerate change or solutions in one day, which would normally take months or even years.

What is the Typical Agenda

  • Overall, the typical agenda focuses on the following:
  • How to get from the current state to the future state, then identify the gaps and barriers. With this facilitated approach, we apply a reverse engineering methodology that projects you into the future. This results in escalating and acquiring the desired goal in a short timeframe.
  • Rules of engagement (e.g., openness, transparency, collaboration, no sacred cows, etc.)

Methodology: The Strategic Planning Collaboration Process

The Stream:

  • Set expectations, clarify, and agree
  • Explore current state, engage in future state, identify the issues and barriers
  • Relevant and actionable solutions for the future state and prioritizations
  • Agree on the future and project plan
  • Design and agree on the value proposition and present to management

Typical Accomplishments & Effects of the SIRT

  • Voice of the customer (survey says?)
  • Roles and responsibilities (does it makes sense and does it add value)
  • Rebranding & value impact
  • Exertion and reward matrix (high reward/hard to do/high reward/easy)
  • Red flags (potential blockades) and green flags (low hanging fruits and victories)
  • Milestones and communication plans (organizational learning & broadcasting)
  • SLAs’, measures, and transparency
  • The conclusive boulevard and blueprint to success. The detailed action plan


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