Wondering if an employee should bring pets along on an international assignment? The answer is yes! Shipping a dog, cat, or other pet is not only easier and more routine than ever, it can benefit your employee and any accompanying family members.

Most countries have established pet import rules, airlines are becoming more pet friendly due to demand and greater transparency, and there are many resources available to assist the employee. These range from websites that explain the pet transport process step by step to experienced professionals who will manage a pet’s move from beginning to end.

Pets Make It Easier to Settle In

Studies have shown that pets serve as important sources of emotional support and can help people feel happier and healthier overall. So in a situation that can be stressful, such as an international assignment, their presence can be very helpful.

From helping to make friends at the dog park to serving as an excuse to go out and explore the city (be it to find a dog friendly beach or the best store to buy cat food), pets can help make a new place feel more like home. And since people often feel happier and more at home in a brand new place with their pets by their side, they’re also likely to be more engaged with work.

Pets can also help the assignee’s family better adjust to a new location, which is important. Family adjustment challenges can often derail an international assignment, but having a familiar furry face to spend time with when they’re feeling homesick can make a difference.

As it’s clear that pets can help ease the transition abroad, why not encourage your employees to bring them along?

Caitlin Moore works for PetRelocation, a pet transport company that provides door-to-door pet travel services to countries around the world.