msi Launches Business Travel Tracking Management

Hampton NH, (November 8 2016): msi Global Talent Solutions (msi), the leading provider of global talent solutions worldwide, announces the launch of msi Business Travel Tracking Management.

“In today’s ever-expanding global regulatory environment, it is imperative that organizations implement a consistent process for collecting and managing employee travel and location information to address a broad number of corporate risk, establishment and compliance issues, as well as employee security, tax, and immigration related concerns”, commented Eric Egnet, msi COO & CIO.

To respond to this growing need, msi has introduced msi Business Travel Tracking Management, the newest company in its growing portfolio of global talent solutions. This business will leverage msi’s TravelPointe™ technology to facilitate the collection of the most extensive array of employee travel and location information available. msi Business Travel Tracking Management can deliver critical reporting, alerts, and notifications relative to immigration, tax, and duty of care security, enabling organizations to take proactive measures when necessary.

TravelPointe™ — unlike other travel tracking systems — includes the ability to automatically process itineraries and actively engage business travelers throughout the lifecycle of the trip. Applying a variety of advanced technologies, TravelPointe™ can proactively capture, track, and alert clients of important compliance related events needing attention.

“We believe our service represents the most comprehensive employee travel tracking and data management solution in the marketplace today” said Timm Runnion, CEO of msi. “While many specialty service providers use their own form of travel tracking capabilities, our solution represents standardized process and technology which can be applied enterprise wide, eliminating the need redundancy amongst downstream service companies that require this information.”

“Through our portfolio businesses, msi Global Immigration and msi Global Tax and Compensation Administration ., we are also able to seamlessly interpret the employee travel data into mission critical services designed to proactively keep our clients compliant and to avoid any unnecessary employee security risks that may be possible based on their travel activities.

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