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MSI History


MSI History –  Founded by Timm Runnion, MSI has operated under the same ownership and leadership since 1981. For the past 35 years, MSI has continued to grow and help companies respond to many challenging economic cycles. Our consistent leadership and independence have enabled us to remain customer centric, expanding into areas of expertise and service based on client need. This in turn has resulted in many long term partnerships, to which  we continually bring new and current solutions and value.

Significant Milestones:

  • 1981 MSI launches as one of the first non-asset based move management companies
  • 1990 MSI expands its offerings to include a full menu of domestic employee relocation management services
  • 2000 MSI expands its capabilities to include a full menu of global mobility and international assignment management services in more than 190 countries
  • 2001 MSI introduces GlobePointe, its industry leading proprietary technology platform designed to integrate all workflow between customers, suppliers, and its internal customer service personnel
  • 2006 MSI opens its EMEA headquarters in London
  • 2007 MSI opens its APAC headquarters in Hong Kong
  • 2009 MSI introduces Global Compensation and Tax Administration services
  • 2013 MSI introduces Global Talent Consulting services
  • 2014 MSI introduces Global Expansion services and becomes one of the leading providers of GEO services in more than 90 countries
  • 2014 MSI introduces Global Immigration services
  • 2015 MSI evolves its brand to become MSI Global Talent Solutions to support its expanded offerings and capabilities
  • 2016 MSI introduces Business Travel Tracking Management service
  • 2016 MSI introduces Global Tax Compliance Consulting services
  • 2017 MSI introduces Global Projects Consulting services


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