Supplier Testimonials

“We were fortunate to have been introduced to msi by a client to be considered as a moving services provider for the employee relocations.  After being vetted and approved as a vendor, we began working with msi. Our experience has been very positive. The expectations of service were clearly defined, we were promptly trained on their systems and we were treated as a valued partner from the very beginning of our relationship. The msi staff that we interact with, from the management and client services level, are very professional, well trained, teamwork oriented and know the industry well.  They have a keen focus on client satisfaction…” ~ Van Line Partner

“I want to thank you for hosting such a lovely event at the Equinox; you and the team always do an extraordinary job making everyone feel welcome and engaged and this year was no exception.” ~ Supplier Partner

“I trust that you were able to relax and enjoy some downtime following this (Executive Forum) amazing event. We are proud to be a partner to msi and remain committed to providing the programs and services that allow you to attract and retain valued clients!!” ~ Global Services Supplier

“As a veteran of many group move presentations, I can say that I am thoroughly impressed with msi and its staff for their collective expertise, passion and dedication. I enjoy working with the msi team and appreciate their professionalism, efficiency and friendly demeanor. By treating their vendors as partners, and focusing the entire team’s efforts on the delivery of personalized, professional service for the client, msi has made this group move one of the best corporate relocation assignments I have been involved in during my career.” ~ VP Relocation Services – Broker

“Our brokerage is fortunate to work with several Relocation Management Companies on numerous different accounts, but I’ve found that the level of engagement, commitment and teamwork that the management and associates at msi demonstrate on a daily basis truly sets them apart.”  I can honestly say that, given my experience with many of the top RMCs in the industry, if I were a transferring employee and I were able to select a group of people to assist me and my family with the transition, I would choose to work with msi.” ~ Broker Partner