Reducing Household Goods Spend


Lack of innovation in Household Goods (HHG) program and minimal cost savings


A client in the education sector wanted to minimize its overall household goods spend. To help the client accomplish this, msi recommended the use of its Discard and Donate program and Alternative Move Program (for employees with budgeted moves or lump sum benefits). The latter utilizes multiple partners that specialize in small shipments. It also allows a transferee to self pack or includes labor as part of the service.

Our Discard and Donate program enables employees to donate or discard goods and personal effects before moving. A service picks up the goods and provides the employee with a receipt for a tax-deductable donation. The service can also dispose of items that cannot be donated. This helps to reduce the weight and volume of the pending household goods shipment and, as a result, can save companies thousands of dollars annually.


Our client realized additional savings of approximately 20 percent per move over a full-service van line move through our Alternative Move Program. Overall, its annual estimated HHG savings were approximately $40,600.