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Client Success

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Client Success

In addition to providing highly measurable cost and service benefits to our global mobility clients, we act as trusted advisors, providing ongoing strategic direction and guidance based on the changing talent requirements of their business.

The following case studies are examples of ways in which MSI Global Talent Mobility brings extraordinary value to its clients.

Goal: A more efficient and cost effective mobility program

Barrier: Identifying areas for cost savings and efficiencies in a global mobility program often falls short due to inefficient processes and policies along with insufficient measurement tools.

Story: A hospitality client wanted additional cost savings and greater efficiencies in its mobility program and engaged MSI. We benchmarked their program and made the following recommendations:
• Utilize cost estimates to determine benefit allowances and ensure that correct amounts were budgeted for services
• Use of alternative service options, when appropriate, for lump sum moves
• Convert higher lump sum policy tiers to managed program
• Institute consistent processes and policy across all business units
• Implement new technologies, enabling the client to readily analyze critical cost and performance data and project future expenditures

Result: Once these measures were in place, projected cost savings were significant. For example, in moving higher lump sum amounts to a managed program, projected annual savings were approximately $285,000.

Goal: Managing supplier relationships

Barrier: Inconsistent management of supplier relationships

Containing costs in a mobility program while maintaining strong supplier partnerships and high service levels is often difficult due to inconsistent management of supplier relationships. We’ve helped other mobility managers improve their supplier relationships and realize significant savings.

Story: A client in the financial services sector wanted to reduce costs while maintaining strong supplier partnerships and high service levels. However, program inconsistencies made this difficult. Not only was each location managing its own suppliers, but there were no standard KPIs.

The client outsourced its program to MSI and offered our services to all global locations. The response was one hundred percent participation from Americas offices and thirty percent from EMEA and Asia Pacific.

We implemented the program with regional human resources teams and the client’s suppliers; we also helped consolidate and centralize data for more accurate reporting, including tracking of spend. Lastly, we established and enforced supplier SLAs.

 Result: The client saved approximately $340,000 per annum through new contract terms and audit reductions. Assignee/transferee satisfaction has exceeded 97 percent.

Goal: Successfully relocating absent CEO

Barrier: CEO had limited availability

Story: A client was relocating its newly hired CEO, who traveled frequently and had limited availability. We were asked to manage the move and to make all arrangements through his assistant, which included selling a $4 million property, purchasing a home in the new location, and providing all other services his family needed. To ensure a smooth and efficient process, MSI’s operations director worked directly with the executive’s assistant.

Result: MSI successfully coordinated all activities and services through the intermediary. We also provided full documentation throughout the move to ensure that all details on processes and services were available at any time to the executive’s assistant and the company’s mobility manager.



Goal: Reducing HHG Spend

Barrier: Lack of innovation in HHG program and minimal cost savings

Story: A client in the education sector wanted to minimize its overall household goods spend. To help the client accomplish this, MSI recommended the use of its Discard and Donate program and Alternative Move Program (for employees with budgeted moves or lump sum benefits). The latter utilizes multiple partners that specialize in small shipments. It also allows a transferee to self pack or includes labor as part of the service.

Our Discard and Donate program enables employees to donate or discard goods and personal effects before moving. A service picks up the goods and provides the employee with a receipt for a tax-deductable donation. The service can also dispose of items that cannot be donated. This helps to reduce the weight and volume of the pending household goods shipment and, as a result, can save companies thousands of dollars annually.

Result: Our client realized additional savings of approximately 20 percent per move over a full-service van line move through our Alternative Move Program. Overall, its annual estimated HHG savings were approximately $40,600.

Goal: Expediting a New Client Implementation

Barrier: Client had no clearly defined policies or stakeholder consensus

Challenge: A new retail client with no clearly defined policies or stakeholder consensus required an expedited 45-day implementation. The client also required extensive technology development and the implementation of special functionality.

Solution: To address the lack of clearly defined policies, MSI guided, defined, and documented new policy development. Our implementation team mapped tasks and responsibilities for internal and external stakeholders and managed to required project milestones to ensure that the schedule was met.

To address the lack of stakeholder consensus on processes, the implementation team provided detailed documentation for each of these, resulting in a Client Operative that is adhered to by program administrators across the business. Our team also identified the client’s unique technology requirements and developed agreed-upon project plans for development and implementation.

Result: The client successfully implemented within designated timeframe and MSI identified $175,000 in potential savings for client during the process. Technology was successfully developed and implemented, resulting in improved efficiencies and enterprise-wide access to critical employee mobility data.



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