monetize-400x298“Survival of the fittest” is a phrase that’s easily applicable to today’s business climate. To succeed, companies must stay on top of current trends and ensure that their employees utilize the latest technology. To understand marketing’s top priorities, Salesforce surveyed over 5,000 marketers from around the world for its 2015 State of Marketing report. In a recent Huffington Post article, Salesforce VP Jeff Rohrs noted the top marketing trends:

Revenue first thinking: This mindset is key, as the survey showed that revenue growth is considered the primary means of measuring success; Rohrs says the focus on ROI may account for the fact that 92 percent of respondents listed email as an ROI producer.

Social media advertising: This trend is too big to ignore; marketers surveyed expect their social media budgets to increase in this area more than any other, as these targeted ads are hard to beat. But ads must be tailored to the social network and will perform better the more they can engage fans and followers.

A mobile strategy must be included, as the smartphone is the first screen for many consumers. “Marketing will increasingly need to collaborate with operations to deliver mobile experiences and messaging that both serve and sell,” Rohrs says. Other trends on the rise include more marketing collaboration with other departments and hyper-targeting of social advertising (e.g., Facebook’s Custom Audiences).

Skills: Recruitment specialists agree that the positions most in demand are those related to digital and data. In CMO, Alex Kenning (Firebrand Talent) says this list includes digital product managers and content specialists, digital acquisition and retention specialists, data and insights analysts, and digital marketing managers. To this list, Dean Davidson (Hudson) adds social media strategists, communications specialists, and product managers. Kenning says the specific data and digital marketing skills most in demand include Agile project methodology, SEO and optimizing digital content, analytics software tools, and automation tools knowledge.

Marketing has changed considerably in the digital era and new required skill sets continue to emerge. To remain competitive, ensure that your organization’s CMO and marketing department stays current, and that your talent knows (or is learning) the skills needed to not only help you survive, but to stay ahead of the pack.