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At MSI, innovation is in our blood…

MSI’s commitment to developing innovative solutions is demonstrated by the many new services and capabilities we have implemented in response to client-specific needs. We are experts at helping organizations clarify their mission-critical objectives and identifying any challenges or barriers to success.

We co-develop innovative solutions with client managers, based on each company’s unique requirements, by leveraging our abilities in agile process development and implementation.


MSI's continued success has been the direct result of our ability and commitment to remaining agile, innovative, and transformative as we focus on meeting the changing requirements of the clients we serve.

Serving as trusted advisors to leadership and management teams throughout different functions within an organization, our focus includes identifying resources that incorporate tailored services, technologies, and business process solutions to help them achieve their objectives.

Companies worldwide depend on our business advisory capabilities, and our ability to rapidly develop and deploy integrated solutions around the globe, to meet their immediate needs.


MSI takes a consultative approach in helping clients strategize, plan, and execute their global talent strategies and major growth projects.

Our innovative DRIVE methodology incorporates our design thinking-based Strategic Insights Roundtable (SIRT), which helps leaders clearly assess their current state and define the ideal future state. This enables them to achieve consensus and establish ownership for the projects and tasks required to attain the end goal.

MSI helps facilitate these SIRTs among key stakeholders, supported by in-house subject matter experts, to ensure that the deepest insights are obtained. All barriers to success are identified, which enables project planning to address them as part of the roadmap to achieving the target future state.


MSI enables its clients to manage and control their human capital risk through a range of compliance-based services and capabilities in the critical areas of tax, compensation, immigration, business travel compliance, and payroll administration.

As experts in these areas, we work closely with our client partners in a variety of areas to ensure that their state-to-state and country-to-country employment practices are being administered compliantly and efficiently.

Our compliance related capabilities include:

  • Tax Compliance Consulting and Administration
  • Payroll Administration
  • Immigration Management
  • Business Travel Tracking Management

Thought Leadership

MSI believes in continuous learning for its internal team members and the dispersal of that knowledge to its valued clients.

We continuously provide thought leadership and are committed to increasing global awareness through many venues; these include our blogs, talent related magazines, social media, and an industry leading peer-to-peer networking event held annually.

This event, the MSI Executive Forum, provides an extraordinary experience for current and future clients, with presentations by some of the world’s leading geo-strategists. Participants learn about new tools and innovative offerings within the human capital space and spend time sharing and learning from their peers, who are facing many of the same issues and challenges within their respective organizations.

The event is considered by many to be the paramount learning event in the talent management industry today, and exemplifies MSI’s commitment to thought leadership.


MSI delivers innovative technological services and solutions designed to simplify and streamline the many talent and compliance-related activities involved in human capital management.

Our diverse portfolio of advisory capabilities and products is available to help clients with the many challenges of workflow engineering, enterprise cyber security, and multiple systems integration.

Additionally we offer managed service platforms in the following areas:

  • Talent Assessment and Development
  • Global Mobility
  • Worldwide Immigration
  • Business Travel Tracking Management
  • Global Payroll Administration


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