Barrier: Out of date immigration documents preventing employee entry into Canada

Story: A U.S.-based company with facilities in Canada needed one of its American employees to visit a Canadian facility to provide specialized consulting services. These included assessment of a facility plan and participation in an expert panel review workshop.

The employee had asked his employer if his travel documents needed updating, as they had expired. He received no response, so assumed there were no issues. However, there were, and when he entered Canada he was told he would have to provide a work permit application package by 6 pm the next day or leave. When submitting the paperwork, an interview with Canada Border Patrol (CBP) would also be required.

The next morning, the company asked msi to assist as quickly as possible, as the employee’s task was critically important and it was essential that he remain in Canada to complete it. Our immigration team prepared the application package by the 6 pm deadline and briefed the employee so that he was fully prepared for his interview.

Result: The project stayed on track and deportation of the employee, as well as fines for the company, were both avoided. The company was also educated on the importance of understanding and adhering to all immigration compliance requirements for its employees going forward. This included the tracking of expiration dates to avoid future compliance issues, which is an additional service that msi provides.