Barrier: Data Reporting – Insufficient Processes for Tracking Immigration Dates

Story: Due to msi’s wide portfolio of services, a new client decided to utilize our immigration services for both its inbound and outbound immigration needs.

We held a briefing call with the company and found that it didn’t know how to track or flag immigration dates. Its existing immigration compliance process consisted of making most decisions in a reactionary fashion, not in advance.

To address this flaw, msi produced a monthly immigration compliance data report based regions and activities. These enabled the company to stay abreast of filing dates, action items, and important expiry dates.

Result: Overall efficiencies and projected cost savings were significant. The company was able to plan in advance on how it would handle certain projects, which enabled it to better allocate funds and save money. For example, it saved between $500-$2,000 per visa by booking flights in advance, rather than waiting until the last minute.