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MSI Global Immigration

Innovative Approaches, Customized Solutions, Compliant Outcomes - Seamlessly Managing Immigration Needs Worldwide

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MSI Immigration

The goal of MSI Immigration is to help employers easily and efficiently move their people around the globe, utilizing the latest technology along with high-touch service and a compliance and education-driven focus.

MSI partners with clients to seamlessly manage your needs worldwide, helping to ensure that both clients and employees are always in compliance with host country regulations, regardless of assignment duration or type (e.g., business travelers, short term, long term or permanent stays).

Our team, which spans three continents, is well equipped to handle a variety of industries and works with a network of in-country attorneys and specialists to provide expert assistance and innovative solutions in 140-plus countries.

As we recognize that the passport and visa journey is often confusing and stressful, regardless of country, we provide a highly personalized service model and clear action plans that efficiently manage processes from start to finish.

Our goal is to serve as each client’s expert guide through the ever-changing immigration landscape, and to simplify its complexities. This includes keeping clients continuously informed and up to date by providing, applicable case studies, real-time case updates and the latest news in each region.


MSI Immigration Global News Alerts – April 16th

AMERICAS United States – FY2019 H-1B cap reached by USCIS APAC Australia – Labour Market Testing for new TSS Subclass…

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MSI Immigration Global News Alerts – April 9th

AMERICAS United States – New interpretation by USCIS of ‘related entities’ rule in H-1B process   APAC Singapore – Mobile…

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