Operational Execution

The coronavirus pandemic has created a “new normal” for every industry and drastically impacted global mobility and relocation. MSI GTS is continuously working with corporations to understand the new objectives and deliver updated solutions and service delivery models. Based on the latest corporate demands, our practice identified the following areas for immediate focus:

  • Workforce Assessments:
  • Immigration
  • GEO
  • Virtual Assignments
  • Self-initiated  relocations
  • Flexible Cost Estimate Tool

While addressing the new normal, MSI GTS continues to deliver world-class services in domestic and cross-border relocations.

Domestic Relocation

Our corporate domestic relocation services are designed to exceed industry best practices and tailored to fit your organizational goals. We achieve success working with you by: designing programs, developing policies and processes that meet your specific employee relocation and deployment needs.  Our Cost Estimate Tool, Flexible Service Delivery Models and Feasibility Assessment Tools provide top of the class experience.

Corporate Relocation:

Our flexible approach ensures superior supply chain access and management through complete financial transparency.  Our world-class service is a guarantee.

 Self-Initiated Relocations:

Many employees chose to relocate as a result of widely adapted Virtual Working.  We can assist your employees to relocate quickly and cost effectively, while maintaining superior service delivery.

    • Pre-decision services
    • Cost estimates
    • Spouse partner assistance
    • Home marketing
    • Home sale closing services
    • Property management
    • Household goods move management
    • Auto transport
    • Pet transport
    • Mortgage assistance
    • Home purchase
    • Temporary housing
    • Destination services
    • Expense management
    • Lump sum management
    • GBO/BVO

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Estimate your cost + tax implications real-time when deploying talent globally

Contact Kate DeFrancisco – kate.defrancisco@msigts.com or  +1 (603) 274 9137

Cross Border Relocation

MSI GTS provides industry-leading and unique corporate Cross Border relocation services. By incorporating our in-house immigration, relocation, and compensation teams, we offer you a range of assessments. Some of our most popular assessments include Feasibility, Cost, and Compliance.  The post-pandemic new normal requires that we identify and support additional corporate needs while providing traditional expatriate services. Our focus continues to be on compliance, cost-effectiveness, customer services, and global flexibility.

Virtual Assignments:

Defined by Mercer as focusing on work for a specific location. A virtual assignee is doing remotely the same job as an assignee relocated to the host location.

Self-Initiated Relocations:

Many employees chose to relocate as a result of widely adapted Virtual Working.  We can assist your employees to relocate quickly, cost-effectively, tax and immigration compliant.

International Relocation and Management:

  • Expatriate Long Term Assignments
  • Expatriate  Short Term Assignments
  • One Way Moves
  • Business Travel Care
  • International Services include:

    • Needs assessment
    • Assignment budgeting
    • Letter of Assignment
    • Cost projections
    • Visa and immigration services
    • Departure services
    • Look-see trip
    • Language training
    • Destination services
    • Expense Management
    • Cultural training
    • Spouse/partner career mgt
    • Education consulting
    • Home marketing/sale assistance
    • Household goods moves
    • Tenancy management
    • Property management
    • On-assignment services
    • Personal security
    • Emergency services
    • In-country hotline services
    • Home leave coordination
    • Family transition counseling
    • Home purchase assistance

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Global Immigration

MSI GTS offers full-service immigration management solutions to companies worldwide. Our US and Global immigration services enable businesses and their employees to operate compliantly around the globe.

  • What makes us different:

    • Tailored Immigration solutions
    • No surprises – Cost Estimates with no hidden fees
    • Complete ownership of Compliance, Controls and Governance.
    • Unique Global Network of Local Immigration Counsels and Partners

    Our Worldwide Immigration Services include:

    • Immigration Advice and Strategy
    • Right to Work Checks and Compliance
    • Fast Pre-Assessments
    • Work Authorization and Residence Permits Services
    • Individual and Project Immigration Planning
    • Immigration Policy Design
    • Immigration Knowledge and Trainings
    • Consular Services
    • Document Procurement
    • Apostille and Legalizations

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Compensation Administration

We provide efficient collection and aggregation of compensation data from home and host locations for employees on global assignments. We also provide access to web based, instant result cost estimates with hypothetical tax calculations for compensation and taxable income reporting.

    • Cost Estimate Preparation
    • Certificate of Coverage
    • Compensation Worksheet Pre-Assignment
    • Allowance Calculations (COLA & Hardship)
    • Exchange Rate Updates
    • Payroll Administration
    • Shadow Payroll Reporting
    • Compensation Accumulation
    • Calculation of US Hypothetical Withholding
    • Earnings Adjustment Reporting
    • Tax Assistance (Global & Domestic)
    • Global Settlement of Earnings (GSOE)

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International Payroll

MSI GTS works with organizations to arrange and manage “end-to-end” foreign payroll delivery services. Our ability to arrange payroll for both local nationals and expatriate assignees allows us to provide turnkey solutions to our clients.

    • Gross-to-Net Calculations
    • Delivery of Approved Payroll Data to In-Country Payroll Processors (ICP’s)
    • Oversight of Local Compliance (Payroll Tax Filings)
    • Oversight of Net Pay Delivery to Expats & Tax Payments to Tax Authorities
    • Facilitation of Global Payroll Treasury Process
    • Production of Electronic Pay Slips for All Employees
    • Company Reporting, incl. General Ledger & Management Reports
    • Preparation of Annual Global Payroll Reporting
    • Facilitation of Global Contractor Pay

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Tax Compliance

With growing competition and ever-changing government regulations, we help companies remain competitive and compliant in areas of executive compensation and tax planning.

    • Executive Compensation Planning
    • Preliminary Tax Calculation

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We provide timely, compliant and efficient management of your workforce at remote destinations.

What makes us different:

  • We eliminate the time-consuming, complex issues that occur when entering or expanding in international markets.
  • We create an instant local HR function.
  • We will work with you to set up your employees in line with your policies while also ensuring compliance.
  • Our service is not just administrative, you will also have access to ongoing support from real people.
  • GEO Services include:

    • EOR – Employer of Record
    • Pre-Assessment and Feasibility
    • Entity Accounting & Reporting
    • Entity & Business Registration
    • International Payroll
    • International Business Advisory
    • International HR Services
    • International Statutory Compliance
    • Local Employment Compliance

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Remote Worker Care

Our remote worker care services are designed to help organizations avoid employee and employer country, state and local tax & immigration compliance violations, unplanned permanent establishment, and to ensure protective duty of care for client employees worldwide.

  • Consulting Services

    • Assess and advise companies on remote workforce compliance and risk assessment

    Integration Services

    • Integration with travel, security, immigration, tax and global employer services. Through centralized data collection in our proprietary technologies and API interfaces, we perform complex data analytics for trends spotting, predictions, and strategic planning.

    Compliance Threshold Monitoring / Location Mapping

    • MSI’s systems proactively alert business travelers and key stakeholders when travel plans might trigger a compliance event.

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