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Companies grow, compete, and

globalize safely with MSI GTS

MSI GTS partners with companies worldwide to help them transform key areas of their business to enable and capitalize on new opportunities and possibilities.

The speed and pace of today’s markets, constantly evolving business dynamics, and the increased frequency of leadership changes are requiring companies to place a much greater focus and commitment on globalization, talent mobilization, corporate expansion, environmental health & safety, technology advancement, and digital service innovation.

Yet at the same time, these new business factors are challenging traditional methods and approaches, making the importance of new modern-day strategies and their delivery and execution more necessary than ever.

To successfully stay ahead, navigate, and grow companies must use trusted advisors and consulting strategists who have a complete holistic understanding of these challenges, strong in-depth knowledge and experience, and the actual services and solutions need to address these factors.

MSI GTS works with executive leadership and senior functional business leaders to design, deliver, and execute modern strategies that work in today’s business environments and deliver sustainable results.

MSI GTS provides Global Employer Services complemented with a complete portfolio of co-sourced managed solutions that include:

  • Cross-Border Relocation (Corporate Employee International Assignments, International Group Moves)
  • Domestic Relocation (Domestic Corporate Employee and Group Moves to Different In-Country locations)
  • Immigration Services (Full-service Immigration Management Solutions for Companies Worldwide)
  • Compensation Administration (Incl. International Payroll and Tax Compliance)
  • Remote Worker Care (Proactive Tracking of Employees to Ensure Compliance with Local Laws and Tax Regimes)
  • Global Expansion (GEO & Establishment of Corporate Entities in Different Countries Worldwide)
  • Environmental Health & Safety (Employee protection, workspace safety, and risk analysis)

“Employees (Talent) are a company’s greatest asset” ~ Anne M. Mulcahy


MSI GTS Values

At MSI GTS, we foster a shared sense of purpose …

To continually strive to expand our knowledge and expertise in the critical areas of corporate transformation, talent planning, management, and compliance, to meet each client’s unique needs and requirements as they evolve the human capital side of their businesses. MSI GTS is an inclusive organization that values the extraordinary talents and diversity of all its employees across the globe, and that this strengthens us as a company. We believe that to better meet our mission, we must work as a unified global organization, with a commitment to the following:


We are committed to honesty, fairness, and providing a safe and healthy working environment that respects the dignity due everyone.


We are committed to bringing a strategic outlook, complete confidentiality, attention to detail, reliable delivery, and uncompromising service at a fair price.

suppliers + partners

We are committed to synergistic partnerships which include fair dealings and opportunities for all.

MSI GTS Careers

The philosophy of teamwork is prevalent in all that we do, and we support a workplace that maximizes everyone’s full potential as we invest in the ongoing development of each employee.


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MSI GTS History

MSI GTS has been providing transformational management and HR related services for 40 years. MSI GTS’s strategic advisory & consulting services include the areas of HR Transformation, relocation, taxation, business travel, immigration, global expansion, and technology. In addition, MSI GTS provides an extensive range of operational delivery services and technologies that supports these areas of expertise. MSI GTS has offices throughout the world covering 190 countries.