Employee education is among the most important tasks for which HR professionals are responsible. It’s about more than just ensuring every member of the organization understands what they need to know – though that is certainly one crucial aspect – it’s about creating a cohesive unit and valuing each employee. Without the proper avenues for employee education, not only will those individuals miss out on important information, they’ll also fail to truly become a part of the team.

With that said, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for employee education practices. Each person learns differently, each department has unique attributes that must be communicated, and different employee levels require different training programs. So how are HR professionals to balance all that on top of their existing workload? The answer might just be: Repeat yourself – or rather, repurpose. Take manuals, materials and content you’ve already created and change it to fit a new requirement. Here are a few ways you can do that:

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution for employee education practices.”

1. Focus on several aspects of a broad topic
Can you break a topic down into smaller pieces? Do each of those pieces have their own value, attributes or importance? Then let each of those sub-topics stand on its own. For example, take a piece on employee referrals. You can craft an entire blog post or email on the reasons why referrals help the company, or what makes a good referral, or statistics on companies that refer internally, and so on. If you get creative, you can expand on even seemingly simple ideas.

2. Change the format
Not everyone learns best by reading the company website, parsing through emails or listening to a seminar. Any lesson or educational material can be recreated in a different format, according to Content Marketing Institute. Again, creativity is your best friend here – build a PowerPoint presentation, hold an online Q&A session, even have a different person from outside the HR department weigh in on the topic. Above all, always be open to answering questions and when possible, swing by the individual’s desk to walk him or her through it step by step.

3. Play with the context
Taken out of context, meaning gets misconstrued. But with the right supporting materials, the same old lessons can become fresh and exciting. It’s like when a guitar player plucks the same note over and over again but the band plays different chords – those same notes take on a different character. The same is true of HR training and employee education – the same themes arise over and over again. Sometimes, old content can apply perfectly to a recent development or event, according to Hinge Marketing. Don’t be afraid to trot out a year-old piece of material if it rings particularly true after a presentation or incident.

By repurposing materials, you can save yourself time and effort while still delivering meaningful, valuable and educational information. As long as you get creative and add on where necessary, you can create a valuable internal education program with minimal time and effort.