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MSI is a leading provider of global human resources, talent management consulting, and support services. We work with organizations as a trusted advisor to help them develop effective programs and methodologies for acquiring, developing, and mobilizing the key talent required to accomplish their corporate missions.

Our clients rely on us to help guide them compliantly through the complexities of human capital management as they expand into new markets and foreign locations.

Our portfolio of advisory and managed services are designed to help organizations clarify and prioritize their talent strategies, and either augment their internal capabilities or provide a trustworthy outsourced solution for the services they require.

Global Talent Consulting

MSI's Global Talent Consultancy helps organizations meet their corporate human resources objectives through the development and implementation of highly competitive human capital strategies and best practices.

Global Talent Mobility

MSI Global Talent Mobility is a leading provider of employee relocation and international assignment management services to both domestic and multinational corporations around the globe.

We have operating capabilities in over 190 countries and territories and maintain global service centers in the Americas, EMEA and AsiaPac.

As experts in global mobility, MSI helps organizations develop and implement highly effective relocation policies, practices, and programs specific to their staffing strategies and assignment requirements.

MSI has one of the longest standing operating histories in the corporate relocation industry, having moved hundreds of thousands of corporate employees throughout the world since 1981.

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Global Employment

MSI provides a unique and highly efficient global employment solution: GEO/PEO services (Global Employer Organization or international Professional Employer Organization) in more than 110 countries. These enable companies to legally and compliantly employ and pay consultants and contractors in areas where they may or may not have permanently established entities.

Global Immigration

We are a leading provider of global immigration services. Companies depend on us to provide a highly personalized end-to-end solution for keeping their employees and their families compliant, regardless of where they travel or work around the world.

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Global Tax and Compensation

As experts in global tax and compensation, MSI helps organizations analyze their current tax, compensation and payroll practices, and implements processes that result in greater efficiencies, improved compliance, and reduced administrative costs.

Global Business Travel Compliance

MSI, the leading provider of global talent solutions, introduces the most comprehensive independent business travel compliance service available today.

As experts in employee compliance and risk management, we help organizations implement policies and programs, driven by innovative technologies and methodologies, that enable them to keep their employees compliant and secure, no matter where they travel in the world.

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Global Expansion

A global human resources solutions company that assists organizations with short and long term HR administration, payroll, accounting, and legal services in foreign locations during their global expansion process


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