Barrier: Complexities in basing talent in North Africa

Story: An oil and gas consultancy based in Italy was required to temporarily place 15 of its employees at a client’s site in Algeria. It sought out our GEO services to sponsor them on Algerian work permits and employ them locally.

The client also wanted to continue payrolling the employees in Italy, as the Algerian dinar is not an “open” currency and they wouldn’t have been able to take any unspent dinars out of Algeria when repatriating. However, this was not possible, as part of their salaries had to be paid in Algeria to support the work permit.

Result: Working with our North African service partner, we resolved this by running dual payrolls and arranging for tax and social security to be paid to local authorities in the local currency, and part of the net local salary into the employees’ Algerian bank accounts. The remaining salary was paid in Euros in Italy.