implementing compliant employment practices & methodologies, worldwide

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companies optimize, streamline, and unify with msi.


As experts in talent management & workforce mobility, we maintain a specialty practice in the area of global cross-border employment compliance; a critical concern for corporations employing in foreign jurisdictions today.

msi‘s team provides professional guidance on structuring compliant HR resources, employment arrangements & benefits.


Employment Strategic Advisory

Our employment services experts provide strategic review and advisory services to international HR and compensation managers on a company’s global growth strategy and employment matters.

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International Employment Practices Review

msi designated employment experts perform an audit of current international employment practices to identify any areas where compliance is a concern

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International Employment Options Advisory

msi employment experts provide advisory services regarding international employment options.

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Global Mobility Assignment Best Practices Advisory

msi mobility consultants work closely with our international employment experts to provide recommendations for compensation models.

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International Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Where appropriate, msi can provide international professional employer (PEO) services as an alternative employment structure to permanent employment.

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msi takes a strategic and proactive approach to the global employment challenges you may face, and provides ongoing guidance and updates to clients on regulatory requirements. These case studies are a few examples of our approach.

Goal: Dual Payrolls Enable Italian Employees to Retain Earnings


Assignees unable to take unspent earnings out of country

Story: An oil and gas consultancy based in Italy was required to temporarily place 15 of its employees at a client’s site in Algeria. It sought out our GEO services to…
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Goal: Avoiding Start-up Costs with msi’s GEO Solution


U.S. company’s inability to legally hire Chinese citizens while working at a client site in Shanghai

Story: A U.S. company working with a banking client in Shanghai found that it needed to employ local staff onsite. This would only be needed on an interim basis, however, to…
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