A family relocation can be stressful and confusing. Luckily, there are corporate housing solutions available that can help make your move much easier.


How to Help Relocating Families Find the Right Temporary Housing Solution

In our last post, we discussed two common stressors that relocating families often face when trying to find the right short-term rental or furnished apartment: choosing a location based on limited information, and mismatches between employees and corporate housing style.

But these challenges and others can be successfully overcome when HR managers partner with corporate housing experts to help smooth the logistics of employee/family moves. Let’s explore two more common relocation challenges and their solutions:

Challenge #3: Mismatch between employee and corporate housing style.

There’s more to a successful temporary housing placement than simply matching people with places. Type of industry, age of employee, and whether or not an employee has children all make a difference in what style of short-term rental property—and which amenities—will be most appealing.

Solution: Describe the unique attributes for the types of “talent” that your corporate client most often relocates and/or sends on assignment—your candidates who would live in short-term housing. Then allow your corporate housing provider to create housing solutions that specifically attend to that type of “talent.” For example, if your corporate client frequently relocates “under 30 year olds who are highly paid, love to travel, and think Wi-Fi is almost more important than a bed,” then your corporate housing provider can outfit their apartments with targeted amenities to appeal to this talent population like super hi-speed Wi-Fi, docking stations and other specialized electronics.

Challenge #4:  Visa and Immigration Delays

One final note on international relocations: keep in mind that visa and immigration issues can complicate the relocation process when delays ensue that are beyond the employee’s control. This is especially true with corporate housing.

Solution: As with all situations related to family relocation, constant communication between all parties—employee, employer, and corporate housing provider—is key to the process running as smoothly as possible. Providers can offer you apartments that are in their on-going inventory rather than “match-lease” apartments so that there is more flexibility with changes in arrival dates.

By Craig Partin, CCHP GMS CRP, Vice President Furnished Quarters