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MSI Global Tax & Compensation

delivering value as a trusted advisor in today’s tax reform environment

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MSI Global Tax and Compensation Administration

Global tax & compensation administration is designed to help organizations plan & apply a systematic approach to compensation data collection, tax preparation, and payroll administration worldwide.

Accounting practices and tax codes are diverse and complex depending on the global location, but many concerns remain consistent: accuracy, compliance, reporting and transparency are all vital to satisfy boards of directors, senior leadership and other company stakeholders. To ensure that happens, MSI is comprised of a team of industry experts who possess extensive experience in all facets of employee tax & compensation administration.

Executing effective and compliant international tax & compensation services worldwide doesn’t need to be complicated or inefficient. However, overcoming various time zones, cultures, languages, disparate currencies and ever changing exchange rates, let alone local GAAP differences, will present challenges. As trusted advisors, we work closely with client mobility, tax, compensation and payroll departments, to assess and benchmark current practices and methodologies to assure that their company is compliant and recommend best practices that assure that they operate both compliantly and efficiently, eliminating many of the extraordinary hassles, complications and headaches that come with managing overseas employees, businesses, and operations.

Our consultative approach to helping organizations in this complex area of payroll and human resource management often leads to process modifications and policy changes and that reduce corporate risk and improve operating efficiency. In essence, MSI helps organizations mitigate payroll and tax-related risks, giving human resource, tax, and payroll departments more time to focus on your critical talent and business objectives.

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