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About us

msi‘s worldwide tax & compensation administration is designed to help organizations plan & apply a systematic approach to global tax & equities, international payroll, assignment compensation, and data collection worldwide.


Tax and Compensation Advisory

Tax and Compensation Advisory – We work with HR, payroll, & compensation to assess an organization’s employment compensation requirements & methodologies, to ensure that best practices are being applied compliantly around the world.

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Compensation Administration

Compensation Administration – We assist with the efficient collection & aggregation of compensation data from home & host locations for employees on global assignment. We also provide hypothetical tax calculations for payroll & taxable income reporting.

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Global Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration – msi works with organizations to arrange and manage “end-to-end” foreign payroll delivery services. Our ability to arrange payroll for both local nationals and expatriate assignees allows us to provide a turnkey solution.

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Executive Compensation Advisory

Executive Compensation – With growing global competition and ever changing government regulations, we help companies remain competitive and compliant in the highly sensitive area of executive compensation and tax planning.

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msi employs a strategic approach to tax + compensation services. The following case studies illustrate the approaches we have taken with a few of our clients

Goal: Timely reporting of earnings to country tax authorities


Tax Compliance – Lack of understanding of local compliance process

Story: A client had numerous business travelers from non treaty countries traveling into the UK throughout the year. Because of these countries’ non-treaty status, both the company and the employees have a…
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Goal: Manage compensation process for expat population in Thailand


Payroll Compliance – No local staff with international payroll training

Story: A hospitality client wanted to expand in Thailand but had no local payroll from which to pay the 10 plus expatriates who would be arriving from various foreign locations to…
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