msi Business Travel “Special” Alert – January 28th 2019


Visa Services Indefinitely Suspended


Certain UAE Residents Restricted from Entry to Qatar

Venezuela – Visa Services Indefinitely Suspended

Because of increased tensions between the United States and Venezuela, the State Department has suspended all routine visa services, including processing of nonimmigrant visas.  Limited emergency services still remain for U.S. citizens.

Foreign workers may be able to obtain a U.S. visa in other countries.  However, third-country national visa applications are only accepted at the discretion of each U.S. consulate; therefore, applicants are advised to contact the consulate before making any travel arrangements.

Qatar – Certain UAE Residents Restricted from Entry to Qatar

Foreign nationals holding residence permits in the United Arab Emirates who seek admission to Qatar as a Gulf Cooperation Council visitors are likely to be refused entry as a result of ongoing diplomatic breakdowns in the region.  Other visa options may be available, depending on the reason for travel; consult with your immigration professional.

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Information for this update has been provided by our global network of immigration partners. Given the nature of and speed at which online communications are developed, we will make every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information provided. However, materials contained in this alert are subject to change at any time without any notice.