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MSI takes an advisory and consultative approach to global business travel compliance. We understand that one system does not fit all companies and cultures. We will work with you to determine the best approach and fit to your tax, immigration, duty-of-care, permanent establishment compliance issues, based on the culture and risk tolerance of your organization.

Our global business travel compliance tracking system is designed to keep organizations and employees proactively notified and aware of immigration and tax compliance status, and safety risks before and throughout their travel no matter where they are in the world.

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duty of care

Duty of Care – Keeping Employees Safe in High Risk Locations

4 December 2017 / By Nick Royle / Business  / Business Travel Tracking  / export  / Global Mobility Management  / Global Talent Mobility  / HR  / International Assignment  / Relocation  / 

Duty of Care – Keeping their global business travelers and assignees safe has become much harder for companies than it…

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Biometrics means that employees traveling on the wrong visa now more likely to be caught

8 April 2017 / By Nick Royle / Business Travel Tracking  / export  / Global Mobility Management  / HR  / Immigration  / International Assignment  / 

Biometrics puts the spotlight on global business travel compliance. Most companies know that any employee sent to work in a…

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