Brazil – Visa applications can be submitted electronically!

Brazil has established a new system, known as “Migranteweb Digital,” which allows for visa applications to be submitted electronically. The system keeps all the information and documents submitted in strict confidence. To comply with this new ruling, the visa applicant or the visa provider should have a virtual signature to be able to submit the visa form on the system.

Action Items:

· Use of the Migranteweb Digital system is not mandatory, and applicants may continue to submit applications in hard copy.
· It is expected that the Migranteweb Digital system may significantly expedite visa processing.
· The new ruling does not include estimated processing times, we have seen 45-day processing times for those applications filed in hard copy reduced to just one week, for those applications filed via the Migranteweb Digital system.
· We expect that this new tool will continue to bring our clients more flexibility (and faster processing times) for visa applications in Brazil.

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