Proper Staging is Crucial to Selling Fast

Coldwell BankerOftentimes when relocating for a career opportunity, the transferee has a limited time frame to sell their current home. A key factor in how fast a home will sell and the ultimate sales price is how well it is staged. Proper staging is crucial to selling fast. A recent survey of 89 homes conducted by The Real Estate Staging Association revealed that on average it took 166 days for the homes to sell without being staged. Those same homes received their first offer in an average of 32 days after being professionally staged.

As potential buyers walk through the property it will be analyzed from top to bottom, making its way through a mental checklist and raising valid questions. How does it stack up to others in its price range? How much work will need to be put in to it? Is it move-in ready? Can I picture myself living here? At the end of the day purchasing a home is an emotional decision for a buyer, and you want to make sure you are presenting your home with that in mind.

Here are a few tips for sellers to create a welcoming environment for potential buyers:

  • It starts with curb appeal. Establishing an attractive exterior is the first step to enticing buyers to step inside a home. Create a charming outward appearance by trimming bushes, cleaning up the lawn, planting flowers, and adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door and shutters.
  • Less is more. With the chaos of daily life it can be difficult to keep organized and de-cluttered. In preparation of listing a home for sale, each and every room should be cleared of items that are no longer needed. If an item hasn’t been used in over a year, donate it to a local charity, and place things you simply can’t part with in storage.
  • Let there be light. Natural light gives the interior of a home a bright, open and cheerful feel. Shades should be left open, windows left clean and streak-free and any furniture that may be blocking the view should be moved. Another helpful tip is to replace all light bulbs throughout.
  • Keep it neutral. The goal is to eliminate extreme décor to turn the home back in to a house that creates a blank canvas for the potential buyer. All walls, floors, and décor should be neutral so that buyers can envision their personal taste and furnishings in the space.
  • Fix it now. Repair minor problems throughout the house, such as torn screens and leaky faucets. A poorly maintained home causes doubt for the buyer and allows them to focus on the negatives and lose confidence in the home.
  • Small investments and minor changes will pay off in the long run when prepping a home to sell. My best advice is for home sellers to consult with a qualified Realtor who can guide the look of their home to ensure it’s sold as fast and at the highest price as possible.

Jo Lay, SCRP, SGMS is a guest blogger for msi and Relocation Director for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage