Facts and Stats about Expatriates Living in the United States

Blog_ExpatReviewThe Expat Review, published by International AutoSource, gives insight into the Expatriate population in the United States with newly published statistics and testimonials.

Ever wonder what it’s like being an Expat in the United States? You’re not alone. With 3-million foreigners relocating and entering the USA each year, the Expat community is made up of a pretty diverse group of individuals. So just who are these Expats? And what is life like for them? That’s what International AutoSource (IAS) set out to discover with their study, The Expat Review.

A group of 49 Expats in the United States, randomly selected from the IAS customer base, were given a survey to answer four open-ended questions. The Expats also provided IAS with their demographic information. The questions touched on a variety of topics, such as relocation challenges faced, and tips for other expats.

The survey showed that the most popular country of origin for these Expats was the Philippines, with 16-percent of those surveyed citing it as home, and the majority of the Expats moved to the Lone Star state, Texas. These Expats didn’t travel alone; a dominating 84-percent of those surveyed moved to the United States with their families.

The United States provides a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle for those interested in relocating. The Expats mentioned culture, weather, and discovering new activities as the reasons they are enjoying the American lifestyle.

“My children enjoyed the cold weather, building snowman for the first time, and seeing great and historic places that can be seen in books, eating marvelous and huge burgers and fries. Surely they loved it.” – Emieflor S.

With that being said, relocating doesn’t come without its challenges. The number one challenge the Expats shared was obtaining documentation. Getting driver’s licenses, bank accounts, and Social Security numbers all presented challenges for Expats in the USA. Over 30-percent of the Expats found that having a good support system in the United States is essential to easing the stress of relocation. Support was found in coworkers, friends, family, and relocation companies.

Each Expat provided their advice and tips for future Expats, and for most, they would do it all again. So what advice do they give? Here’s what they had to say:

–       Be positive. Commit to your new life and do not look back.

–       Do your research and ask questions.

–       Plan, Plan, Plan!

You can download your copy of The Expat Review to learn more about what life is like for Expats living in the United States. Read testimonials and tips from Expats, and get more facts about who these Expats are.

By Amy OberliesInternational AutoSource