8 Tips for Finding the Perfect Rental in Your Relocation

porchlight_rental_residential_leaseWhether you’ve just graduated college with a new job and you’re moving away from home or you’ve received a promotion at a long time job, relocation may be something completely foreign to you. Let alone stressful.

Often, there are relocation policies in place to assist you in finding a new home. Included in those policies are sometimes rental and area acclimation tours that can ease you into your new surroundings and leave you feeling less anxious before your move.

Below are some important things to keep in mind when finding your new rental home for your relocation.

  • Establish a budget for the area you’re looking in. First and foremost, create a minimum and maximum budget that you will be comfortable with. If budget is the most important aspect to you, as opposed to which neighborhood you are in, this will be the place to start.
  • Know what you’re looking for. Google and crime statistics will be your new best friend. Research areas you may want to live in, or avoid. Do you want to be close to younger business professionals? Or, would you rather be in a quiet family-oriented neighborhood? This information is important to know so you don’t waste your time. Also, did you know that neighborhoods near schools with high ratings (found on Greatschools’ website) can be important information? Even if you don’t have kids, better schools typically mean better areas. Then, make sure those areas support your budget and the type of housing you’ll be comfortable with.  If you need to go back to the drawing board, there are other ways to compromise besides increasing your budget. Rental service companies are able to assist in researching appropriate budgets in desirable areas. Also, to see what your perspective neighborhood is really like, drive around after work hours or on the weekend to get a feel for the type area it is.
  • Be prepared. Bring a form of Identification, offer letter of employment, references and money. You may fall in love with a property that requires a deposit (usually in certified funds or money order). Having these at the ready will make the application process less stressful on you and easier for the landlord.
  • Have questions and be ready to ask them. Do you have a pet? Do you know what the pet policy is and if there are any fees (monthly or upfront) involved? Are any utilities included, are appliances gas or electric, how quickly are maintenance issues handled, is there an abundance of parking and anything else that will allow for a smooth residency and exit once your lease term ends. Also, bringing a few pieces of paper, a pen and camera phone may be your saving grace. It would be overwhelming to try and remember everything after viewing the property.
  • Be upfront. While it may be tempting to bend the truth that you have a thirty-pound dog opposed to a fifty-pound one, it can complicate things for you and possibly result in losing the rental. Be upfront and honest from the beginning. Do you have a low credit score you are nervous about? Make sure you communicate that and provide further information as to why.
  • Understand there may be extra costs each month on top of rent. Did you know that amenities, yard maintenance and utilities may be an extra cost on top of the monthly rent? Factor that into your budget if this is something you need to know going into making your decision on the lease.
  • Take a deep breath. Relocating is stressful, but it can also be exciting! With an experienced rental service, the process has potential to be as flawless and easy as possible. With your patience and communication your perfect home is within arm’s reach.
  • Contact a Rental and Destination Service. If rental assistance isn’t provided in your relocation policy, there are many different companies that can assist you in finding a rental. Some excel more than others but it’s important to choose the one best suited for you.

Alexandria Rhodes – Rental Account Manager