When looking for work, millennials are unlikely to want to stay home

If your business needs a mobile workforce, you might have luck finding millennials who are willing to go the extra mile. A study by Mayflower revealed that 59 percent of millennials live somewhere other than the locale they grew up in, with 51 percent of survey respondents claiming to have moved for a job opportunity. This is good news for employers looking to fill entry-level positions that require educated candidates and offer opportunities for travel. With so many millennials on the move, it means you don’t have to stick with the pool of candidates in your local area. Here some ways you can attract millennial talent to your company:

Foster a sense of ownership
When looking for a new career opportunity, millennials want more than a paycheck – they’re interested in working for companies that create a sense of pride and ownership. According to a survey from the Brookings Institute, 64 percent of respondents said they would rather take a job for $40,000 a year that they value over a $100,000 position that doesn’t provide that same sense of value. Your company can foster this experience by focusing on developing a company culture that takes that extra step toward acknowledging employee achievements. By encouraging employees to take ownership of their work, you can motivate workers to be more productive without having to crack the whip. For some businesses, creating ownership might be taken literally in the form of shareholder options, for others it mean developing reward programs for hard work and accomplishments.

Many millennials are looking for jobs that allow them to stay mobile.Many millennials are looking for jobs that allow them to stay mobile.

Provide travel opportunities
Previous generations might have looked at business trips as necessary, yet annoying. A trip meant a loss of valuable time at the office and disruption of family life. Nowadays, millennials might look at these same trips as opportunities to expand their networks and see more of the world. Plus, modern technology makes going on assignment easier than ever, both from the perspective of the employee and the managers. There are a plethora of smartphone apps that make every aspect of travel simple, from book flights to logging expense reports. Plus, many millennials are waiting to have children, according to Bloomberg, which makes arrangements for long-term assignments even easier and more affordable.

Be flexible
Fortune Magazine noted that millennials put a greater emphasis on work-life balance than previous generations. While your company might not be able to completely do away with the 9-to-5 schedule, it’s worth exploring other ways to create a more flexible work schedule. Jobs that are done primarily from a computer workstation could be done from home a few times a week, for instance. Investing in screenshare and video calling software for remote workers is another options. Even offering PTO as bonus can be inciting to millennial employees. This is a good area to get creative with incentive options.

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