3 tips for recruiting effective employees

As companies expand, they may need to rethink their recruiting strategies. While startups often run on skeleton crews to keep costs down, growing businesses need to hire effective team members who can add real value to the enterprise. Employee turnover is costly and wastes company time. These tips can help employers hire effective team members who can optimize productivity:

1. Get social
The internet is a big place, and you can’t expect the best recruits to wander by your company site. Engaging with potential hires on social media networks may be a better option, because not only will you reach a larger audience, you can still control the message. Unlike posting to dedicated job boards, where users often need to sign up for the board, your social media pages can be tailored to your needs. And chances are that the recruits are already on these sites. In addition to sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, you can also make use of Instagram and Periscope, noted Better Team. Those sites offer casual ways interact with creative users.

2. Ask your employees
The people who already work for you know exactly what kind of individuals you’re looking for. Use that expertise to your advantage. The Balance recommended asking your current employees for suggestions on candidates. They may know other professionals who would be a good fit your company. Consider offering a recruitment bonus to encourage your staff members to help you fill open positions. Your current employees are also a key piece of the fabric that makes up your company culture, and as such, they’ll have a good eye for who would and wouldn’t fit in.

The better your job descriptions, the more relevant responses you'll receive.The better your job descriptions, the more relevant responses you’ll receive.

3. Write better job descriptions
Job descriptions don’t need to read like thriller novels, but they also shouldn’t be bland. A good job description inspires readers to apply for the position because it sounds exceptional, not solely because they’re looking for a paycheck. As CareerBuilder noted, you should strive to make the job sound as appealing as possible. And you can achieve that by writing concrete descriptions that describe the working environment as well as the required skills and responsibilities. This way, you’ll get responses from candidates who truly want to be a part of the team.

The people you hire are responsible for the success and growth of your company. Work on improving your recruiting strategies, and you’ll see your company grow.

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