European Union – Final List of Countries to be allowed to travel to the European Union on July 1st approved by Member States of the EU.  

Excluded Countries – Member States of the European Union reached an agreement on the initial list of countries whose nationals will be allowed to travel to the European Union from July 1st:

Algeria China * Montenegro Rwanda Thailand
Australia Georgia Morocco Serbia Tunisia
Canada Japan New Zealand South Korea Uruguay

(*)China inclusion in the list is subject to an approval of a reciprocal travel agreement.

The list is no affecting nationals of the countries not included in this list that are currently residing in the EU.

The delay with the submission of this final list was the lack of an agreement between the Member States on the excluded countries. Additional countries will be added to this list once the epidemiological situation at each country improves and approval from the Member States is granted.

Members States of the European Union followed the recommendation received from the European Commission to gradually open of Europe’s external borders from July 1st. The selection of the initial countries is also following the proposed process to together decide which countries will be part of the list, based on the following set objective criteria and taking into account data from relevant sources such as ECDC and WHO:

  • The health situation,
  • The ability to apply containment measures during travel, and
  • Reciprocity considerations

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