A multitude of life events may lead you to seek a furnished apartment. Whether you have an upcoming move or job search, business or family travel, home renovations, or a major medical event, a corporate apartment or short-term rental can offer peace of mind during times of transition. Here are eight ideas on how to get settled into your temporary housing quickly, and how to make your part-time residence feel as comfortable as your everyday home:

  • Get unpacked. “Setting up shop” in your temporary apartment can be as simple as transitioning out of suitcases. You can expedite that at-home feeling by unpacking your clothes and other belongings, using closets and dressers to store your wardrobe and personal items just like at home. Do this as soon as you arrive, and store your luggage away out of sight.
  • Set up your office. If you’re traveling on business or interviewing for jobs, having a fully functioning office is a big part of what will set your trip up for success. If your apartment has multiple rooms, designate one as your exclusive workspace and create a home office that’s separate from the rest of the residence. Plug in your laptop using Wi-Fi, brew a pot of coffee, and get busy!
  • Fill the fridge. A fully stocked fridge will make you forget that you’re away from home. As you get settled in, you can create an instant feeling of domestic bliss by taking a trip to the local grocery store and filling up the refrigerator with your favorite foods, drinks, and snacks. Having familiar treats at the ready will make you feel like you’re in your own kitchen. Plus, you’ll be ready to prepare meals right in your apartment if you stock up on the ingredients you need.
  • Cook a meal. While you’re doing your food shopping, be sure to pick up essentials to make breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Just like at your house, you can save plenty of cash by eating in, and that starts with whipping up some great meals in the comfort of your apartment’s kitchen. To create a homey feel, simply bake cookies or roast meat—the delicious aromas will make you glad that you skipped the restaurants!
  • Make it smell like home. In addition to home-cooking your meals, there are other ways to instantly create a sense of peaceful relaxation through aromatherapy. Think about what scents make you happy at your house—perhaps a certain flavor of incense, a special candle, a room spray, or a diffuser? Since smells trigger memories, there’s no faster way to evoke a feeling of being in familiar environs than to personalize the fragrances in your furnished apartment.



  • Use a personal touch. You can apply the same concept that works with personalizing scents to add other types of familiar touches around your apartment. Plan ahead to bring some mementos from home such as family photos, an especially soft pillow, the fuzzy slippers you always wear around the house, or some special books from your shelves. If you have children, hang a few pieces of their art on the refrigerator to instantly up the hominess factor. You can also set up some of the kids’ favorite toys in a designated play area. If you’re missing any must-haves from the kids’ rooms, consider renting essentials from a company like BasicBabyRentals.com—that way, you can make it feel like home for your children as well.
  • Meet the neighbors. Many temporary furnished apartments are located in residential areas, in the heart of key urban neighborhoods where you can really experience life as a local. Getting to know other residents around you will create a sense of community during your stay. Introduce yourself to your neighbors upon your arrival—it’s a great way to feel more connected and comfortable right where you are. If you have children along, find other parents in the neighborhood and suggest a playdate or trip to the park to help your kids acclimate more quickly.
  • Get to know the neighborhood. Even though you have everything you need in your temporary apartment, you can enhance your experience and feel more at home by exploring what’s outside your door. Take a night off from cooking to try a nearby restaurant, take public transportation to a park or museum, or walk down to the grocery store. Ask your furnished housing provider if they offer programs that allow guests to take advantage of discounts on local restaurants and services.

A little effort can go a long way in making your temporary housing feel instantly homey. To learn more about options for temporary furnished housing in Boston, NYC, Jersey City and many more locations, visit FurnishedQuarters.com

By Robin Madell – Robin.Madell@furnishedquarters.com