One may not think about it, but identity theft is certainly possible during a relocation regardless of the distance of the move. Unfortunately identity theft is the fastest growing crime and shows no signs of deterring. While many may have been exposed to possible exposure during this past holiday season, there are certain precautions relocating individuals need to be aware of whether moving across town or across country.

Those moving for employment purposes may be more susceptible due to the pressures and speed of the move. This author was a victim but luckily long before this crime became so financially impactful but still no less daunting. The following recommendations may seem all too obvious, but they are still noteworthy.

·         With the most moves happening between Memorial Day and Labor Day, be wary of the level of detail you and your service providers are handling your goods/personal effects including disposal of items.
·         Collect all personal information in a centralized location and keep in sight and/or on your person during the move.
·         Register your address change through the US Postal Service and confirm the information upon receipt.
·         If you can, transport computers with you personally. If you cannot, make certain it is locked down secure (think Fort Knox)
·         Once in the new location, identify a “secure” location for all sensitive information/property for only your access until your home is secure.
·         If you do not have an employer-sponsored move, research all providers through trustworthy friends, family members, etc as well as the local Better Business Bureau and appropriate trade commissions.

Relocating with a service provider such as MSI which embodies extensive due diligence of contracting with only the most reputable service partners, it is still prudent to keep these safeguards in mind.